The Shipping industry faces unique and complex problems associated with natural uncertainty, unpredictable freight rates and commodity prices, and the associated operational and financial risks. The present environment of low commodity prices, rising operating costs, and limited access to capital has increased the need for in-depth analysis of potential contractual claims such as post fixture, demurrage, speed and performance claims. Many Traders, Charterers and Vessel Operators recognise that accurate assessment of these claims, is inherently difficult, but of key importance.

Plimsoll are marine consultants with extensive and expert knowledge regarding demurrage and laytime issues within charterparties and sale or purchase contracts, vessel performance analysis, contract review, marine claim processing and collection, vessel casualty and collision analysis, expert witness, arbitration and legal streamlining. Within our team we have an ex mariner who is an accredited marine arbitrator with over 15 years of expertise in laytime and demurrage matters gained whilst working for one of the largest shipping law firms in the world.

Demurrage Claims RecOVERY UNDER charterparties and sale OR purchase contracts

Whether you have a historical backlog or wish to outsource your entire or part of your post fixture demurrage claims department Plimsoll’s team are here to help. With over 15 years of experience, our team have worked with some of the shipping industries biggest players to help then to recover demurrage quickly whilst maintaining good trading relationships at the same time reducing costs.

We offer a claim by claim or a retainer based service which enables you to manage your costs no matter how the quantity of claims varies. We also provide as part of our service advice on the demurrage and laytime clauses within your charterparties or contracts allowing you to adapt your shipping contracts to ensure you can reduce your demurrage outgoings and maximise your recoverables up and down the contractual chain.

Whether in the dry cargo or tanker trade, a suspected invalid notice of readiness, pumping rate, reversing or averaging clauses, WIBON/WIPON or despatch issues we can help.

Vessel SPEED AND performance analysis

Within the present environment of low commodity prices and rising operating costs the need for in-depth analysis of a vessel’s performance has never been more essential. Whether from weather routing reports, daily reports or the vessel’s deck and engine logs we can provide, cost effective, analysis and prepare detailed calculations which can used by your operation department. We have extensive experience in preparing detailed calculations based on charterparty terms for presentation in arbitrations and court proceedings. It matters not whether it is a single time charter voyage or a five year timecharter our calculations are based on the charterparty and the latest legal precedents.

SHIPPING Contract review

Plimsoll offer expert analysis of your shipping contracts, enabling you to streamline your contract formation progress and ensure any risk is minimised and you are not exposed to claims up and down the contractual chain.

Whether Free On Board (FOB), Carriage Insurance Freight (CIF) or Delivered At Place (DAP) for vessel deliveries, TTB terms for barge deliveries or mixed contracts with both barge and sea going vessels where the requirement to be back to back is essential we can help. We can help throughout the contract formation progress by analysing and advising on your delivery, laytime and demurrage and payment admendments and clauses plus any incorporated General Terms And Conditions (GT&C’s).

Marine claim processing and collection

Plimsoll can process and collect your claims whether they are demurrage, despatch, deviation, deadfreight or shortage. We either act behind the scenes on your behalf or as a equally visible partner within your claim recovery process. In whatever capacity we act, we ensure that your good trading relationships are maintained and that any recovery is swift without matters progressing to litigation whenever possible. If matters unfortunately progress to either Court or Arbitration we will advise you on the merits of any claim or counter claim and work with your chosen legal provider to ensure wherever possible a favourable outcome.

Vessel casualty and collision analysis

Whether recreating a time coded movie of the view from a vessel’s bridge, providing animated vessel tracks on admiralty charts or an overlay of them both Plimsoll can provide services in a timely and cost effective manner. Using the latest advances in software we can investigate and provide you with the ability to analyse vessel casualty and collisions from the perspective of the vessel rather than the traditional post incident chart or plot analysis.

Arbitration and Expert witness

Plimsoll are experts with over 15 years experience calculating, defending and winning demurrage and speed and performance claims within both London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) Arbitration and English High Court can provide expert witness services for you or your legal team as required.